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We believe that creating interiors is a combination of art, fashion and craft,
whose main role is to convey a personality.

At Studio Purlpe, we endeavour to create perfection through unique designs for your special space which are highly creative, individualistic, original and grandiose.
- Soniya Potdar
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Wood flooring parquet is a popular, widely acclaimed flooring option.Parquet is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used for decorative effect in flooring. Parquet patterns are often entirely geometrical and angular—squares, triangles. Wood flooring parquet choices are virtually endless, but it all comes down to the difference between parquet and solid hardwood flooring. Just like wood flooring, parquet is made of 100% wood, and on the surface it can look exactly the same. The difference lies beneath the surface.The top layer is made of carefully selected wood and is called the wear layer. It is 2.5–3.2 mm thick.Since the bottom layers of wood are invisible, they can be made of cheaper types of wood, which often means that parquet is cheaper than solid wood flooring.Hardwood floors of various types were the staple for centuries.At one time, a genuine parquet hardwood floor was the sign of opulent wealth, since these floors were the result of fine craftsmen painstakingly cutting and fitting small pieces of hardwood into unique and artistic geometric patterns on a floor. With the onset of mass production of thin parquet engineered wood tiles with pieces of hardwood veneer arranged in geometric patterns, manufacturer have now made it possible for just about anyone to create the appearance of a very expensive parquet floor. Other than regular oak and maple woods, parquet flooring tiles can now be found in many other hardwoods, including some exotics. Parquet tiles are easier to install than hardwood planks.Many patterns are available. Multi-piece construction of each tile lends a deep, 3D appearance.They are available in many colors, with very hard and durable polyurethane finishes already applied. There is no mess or smell from finishing.Virtually any decor can be complimented with wood flooring options. It can blend together the best elements of classical and modern designs,while bestowing an allure and versatility that is rarely equaled. #parquet #parquetfloor #parquetflooring #parquetfloors #parquetflooringwood #interiordesign #design #teamstudiopurple #studiopurpleinteriordesign #luxuryinteriors

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