Studio Purple

Passion Experience and obsession for perfection

Studio Purple is a full service Interior Design Firm led by Industry expert (IIID-ALM) and Creative Director Soniya Potdar.

We have been providing Interior Design solutions to Residential and Commercial Projects for over 15 years. Our Design Philosophy stresses a close link between the discipline of Architecture and Interior Design. The end results are rich environments defined by sophisticated colour palettes, refined materials and detailing that tailor these interiors to suit our clients desires. We have the expertise to create a wide variety of Interior Environments from traditional to contemporary.

Our studio offers power and strength to style the body that has been created with a characteristically timeless approach.

We continuously challenge and aim to redefine the face of design by creating the ultimate experience of space with a philosophical approach to design, rooted in inspiration and honouring the context of a projects location. Our dedicated design team works hand in hand with creative founder Soniya Potdar to capture the heart of each individual’s vision.

“I see myself as a storyteller, Clients hire me to write their biographies, but instead of words I use fabrics, furniture, architectural elements and of course personal items to them.”

It is difficult to say at what point I realized that I would connect my life with art. However, now I clearly know: everything went towards this from the very beginning.

My love affair with design began at home with my early childhood Sketching and painting. Very soon as the grace of the pencil took my visions to the paper my desire to enter this mesmerising world of interiors was stronger than ever and with a desire to create a characteristically timeless approach to design I began this wonderful journey.

The STUDIO PURPLE brand is truly a personal reflection of who I am. It offers a glimpse into my world and everything that moves me. It is all about what I believe in, where I have been, and where I take the brand is closely tied to my personal growth. My passion for design becomes the intuitive guiding force leading to the most spectacular results that I envisage.

STUDIO PURPLE is not about design trends or fulfilling design voids. It is a highly edited curation of décor and content filled with the experiences, simple pleasures, passions and life events that eventually evolve into a   a surprising series of spaces that are not only aesthetically unique, but also creates an emotional connection while seducing the senses.

Today, Studio Purple successfully embodies the cherished desires of customers. Excellent reviews and joyful smiles of clients are the best confirmation of this.

If at the moment you are faced with the choice of a team that is to be entrusted with the design of housing, we are happy to offer our services.

At Studio Purple we take each project with the same gusto and enthusiasm as our first one. For over 8 years in the business we have developed a convenient process of working on projects.


To start creating the project, we have to prepare in a certain way. Usually we hold one or several meetings with the clients and find out their ideas and requirements to the future design.

Creation OF Concept & Design

The creating process includes making the virtual 3D-model of the space in real size, which helps to see the final result more clear. This format is comfortable both for us and for you.

Project Presentation

After creating the 3-D models of the rooms, all the corrections and improving we present the result we got to the client. During the presentation, the recommendations about the project’s realization are given by the us.

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  • Studio Purple
    2/Shri Vinayak Society, (Gr.Floor),Next to Dheeraj Vihar Building,Near Western Express Highway, Service Road,Jogeshwari (East),Mumbai 400060.
  • Mon - Sat 10 AM - 6 PM
  • Call us on +91 9819153480
  • Studio Purple
    2/Shri Vinayak Society, (Gr.Floor),Next to Dheeraj Vihar Building,Near Western Express Highway, Service Road,Jogeshwari (East),Mumbai 400060.
  • Mon - Sat 10 AM - 6 PM